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Ikonik Bundle

(295 customer reviews)

$45.00 $30.00


When purchasing you will need to submit us your Epic Games log in information, so that way we can log into it and apply the skin for you. There is no other way for the process to work, that is the only way. We do not hand out codes. If you have any questions about anything, please contact our support at Live Chat.

You can stay signed in and play on your account while we sign in and work on it.





– Ikonik Skin

– Scenario Emote

295 reviews for Ikonik Bundle

  1. Zed

    bought 2 skins. 12 hours delivery time. it was 25$

  2. Josh

    Took around 15 hours to recieve. Thought it was fake af until i saw sceptic tweet about it.

  3. Shamar

    It took 6 hour I was excited

  4. epic gamer

    very hot yes

  5. Alan

    It’s awesome!

  6. Kofi

    Amazing support 24/7, helped me with everything and got my ikonik in 19 hours, only website which is NOT a scam! Will buy more skins soon

  7. Reece (verified owner)

    Just bought one hopefully it works

    • Fnbundles

      Thanks for your purchase! To make you feel more comfortable, I can tell you that you have a 100% success rate at our service 🙂

  8. Billy (verified owner)

    I have a very og account so i was very scared to make this purchase. But i did it and it was a very good decision. I also thought it was a scam at first but its NOT. Cant wait to buy more!!!!!!!

  9. Daniel

    I saw sceptic tweet about it but I believe him.

  10. Isaac (verified owner)

    Quick and easy delivery! Definitely recommend

  11. Acropolise

    Amazing company, fast delivery, bought it too

  12. Jack

    Amazing company, they’re fast and reliable my ikonik came in 6 hours

  13. Juan Diego Roman


  14. NightGamer2306_YT

    Very Good I was sketched out because I had to give my password and all but after looking at all the vouchers I gave it a try and it was only 3 hours of waiting.

  15. NightGamer2306_YT

    Very Good I was sketched out because I had to give my password and all but after looking at all the vouchers I gave it a try and it was only 3 hours of waiting. ;=;

  16. Lila

    I got a skin and I hope it comes in

  17. Rvigar

    Best service, I woke up and I had it.

  18. Raven

    Got my skin within 12 hours

  19. jantje

    the service was very good, i got my skin within 24 hours of purchase

  20. rebul (verified owner)

    really good services

  21. Dominic (verified owner)

    Hope it works

  22. Alonso

    Bought the skin I thought it would be fake but as soon as I bought I got on the game and it had just appeared within minutes

  23. Antiquuuuu

    Got my Ikonik in less than 3 hours, Great service.

  24. Helloooo (verified owner)

    Just got it 1000000000000000000000 percent real

  25. ElroNga

    Fast Delivery And 600% legit

  26. Donovan

    I thought this was a sketchy website scam. But when I bought the ikonik skin I went to sleep and when I woke up it was on my account. This website is legit!

  27. ethan (verified owner)

    I wasn’t expecting it to work and its really fast to thank you.

  28. Yaseen Ahmed (verified owner)

    I got the ikonik skin really fast 1 hour and 10 mins delivery. I thougnt this was a scam but saw many reviews on youtube and also msf sceptic shouted them out on twitter so I thought wjy not buy it

  29. Yelerik

    Amazing Would totally recommend

  30. ItsProfyt

    100% its amazing web to buy exclusive skins to fortnite battle royale
    10 of 10

  31. Yume

    17 hours. Its fast.

  32. Kyle Giron


  33. Tbs (verified owner)

    Completely legit my skin got here in 10 hours l. Ikonik gang ??

  34. Cam

    Fast and safe. I love it

  35. Joshua

    Love it

  36. Kevin (verified owner)

    Ordered it went to sleep woke up at 7 in the morning I had it great reliable service the one site that has exclusive bundles for cheap prices and fast delivery I recommend this website

  37. Finn (verified owner)

    Skin delivered whitin six hours

  38. Spencer Blankenship (verified owner)

    Ok everyone I’ve been scammed twice trying to buy an account so I was very skeptical of this at first but I took a chance and bought the ikonik skin and I hopped on this morning and I got and it’s in my locker. 10/10

  39. Khalil From UAE

    I Didn’t Buy It Yet But I Trust This Seller Man Had To Give Them 5 Stars I Will Buy It Next Week Please Dont Go Out Of Stock

  40. Kamaree

    Love it

  41. SrDeadPlayHD (verified owner)

    100% Legit it took 57 minutes to get the skin ikonik. 10/10

  42. THIS WEBSITE IS (verified owner)


  43. zuhnyyy (verified owner)

    i bought the ikonik and have to waited only 1 hour ? ty fn bundles

  44. Khalil (verified owner)

    Hi So I Just Got My Ikonik Skin In 10 Minutes I Just Wanna Thank you So much @fnbundles

  45. yefri (verified owner)

    i love this website man i ordered ikonik last night and i went on fortnite right now and had it!! i truly recommend this website

  46. Zovos yt (verified owner)

    Bought skin on 23 July 2019, and got it on the 24th! Great service

  47. Presten Madrigal

    It is very good

  48. Chance

    It’s good and cheap

  49. Yo kid

    Just bought I’ll tell u if legit guys

  50. Chris (verified owner)

    Just bought one, still waiting. Hope it succeeds

  51. Zak (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical at first but turned out to be 100% legit. And mine came in around 2 hours!

  52. Caleb Tsai (verified owner)

    They are lowkey the fastest service ever. They didn’t touch my account. At first, I was very skeptical to give them my account details because I had a very stacked account. They have a really nice support staff. It took me 12 hours to receive my skin.

  53. Osvaldo (verified owner)

    Great service! I’ve waited a couple hours and then got a email that my item has been delivered! I checked and everything was the way it was before this is not a scam!

  54. Envi jvice (verified owner)

    all i gotta say is woah ❤️ It’s legit

  55. Perji On Yt (verified owner)

    Amazing service my skin got delivered in about 3 hours definitely recommend

  56. Max

    Best Service

  57. Jackson Jacques (verified owner)

    I got my skin in like 6 hours

  58. Hamish (verified owner)

    Guys I ordered the skin and went to sleep then I woke up and logged in to Fortnite and the ikonik was there GUYS BELIEVE ME THIS IS 10000000%LEGIT PLS BUY THE BUNDLE

  59. BUSTER

    100% legit it took like 3 days only bc I put in some wrong info

  60. Josh

    Amazing website hopefully i can buy honor guard next

  61. BK_Kitsune_YT (verified owner)

    This website is 100% legit it only took like 2 hours and then I got my skin

  62. Caden (verified owner)

    Love this site it is 100% real

  63. Robert Zak

    I just bought this, and if this actually legit i will keep buying other skins i swear. it’s too good to be true

  64. Use Code Slii

    100,000,000% legit 2 1000 dollar skins for a 100

  65. George Sutton

    Took 15 mins 100% legit

  66. Robert Zak

    This is just too good to be true people ! I got it in under 1 hour. Love it. BEST SUPPORT EVER !

  67. Blucan Kırmızı (verified owner)

    It said 12-48 hours and i got it in 3 hours! Amazing going to buy Honor guard soon : )

  68. josey (verified owner)

    it worked its legit i ordered it in the afternoon and got it the next day in the morning! very happy with this. :))

  69. Best website (verified owner)

    Guys This website is legit 100000% I’m not a bot I swear and I’m gonna buy the honor guard next but the prize increased cause there are only little of them

  70. Dior (verified owner)

    Very good service. If your wary of this just know there is nothing to worry about. I ordered the Ikonik bunble and then had a very bad power outage afterwards, when I came back online the skin was already shipped.

  71. Sir Bobby Charles (verified owner)

    So trustworthy and worth it!!

  72. Jake (verified owner)

    Perfect 100% legit

  73. Preston (verified owner)

    I thought it was a scam at first but it turns out that they are legit

  74. Braden H. (verified owner)

    Great skin! Definitely not a scam. I got my ikonik in 3 hours, no hassle. Would recommend to anyone who wants the skin.

  75. car

    aamazing no scam it took 2 mins amazing so happy

  76. @hyped_chi

    it was so fast and the agents were so quick in responding. Will definitely buy more packs from them

  77. Brandon Altomari (verified owner)

    Legit and got it pretty quickly! Thank you!

  78. Michael (verified owner)

    thank u so much for ikonik skin

  79. Renato Lopez (verified owner)

    Log in to my account couple mins ago and this is legit…got the skin I will recommend it to my friends and I’ll buy more skins

  80. Bob the builder (verified owner)

    There was no scam and I got the skin in just 2 hours so happy

  81. Glxy

    I bought it and got it in about 2 hours! Would Reccomend

  82. Lincoln (verified owner)

    This an amazing website at first i was A little scared but it is 100 percent legit and I got a 500 dollar skin for the price of 30

  83. V2 Sleet (verified owner)

    Dude 100000000000000000000000000000000000000% sure it works

  84. Lukas (verified owner)


  85. fucker


  86. Jacob soler

    I love this website it is great ❤️

  87. Jack

    I got it in under 9 hours

  88. Javier (verified owner)

    Bro this is honestly so mf increíble, I thought this was a scam, IT IS NOT A SCAM ! Try it Man U won’t regret it

  89. Sergio (verified owner)

    I purchased this bundle on two accounts one to confirm it was legit and when I saw that it was i bought it on my main account and it was the best decision ever.

  90. José

    I’ve bought two. LEGIT 100%

  91. Max (verified owner)

    I though I was about to lose my account but this is the best website I’ve ever found with the best prices

  92. Kelvin

    I bought it 1000 percent real no joke inv me to a game and I’ll show u it’s real epicname SweatyAsi4n.BTW

  93. Sebastian (verified owner)

    Great service only took 2 hours

  94. Not_eli06

    I love you

  95. Sergio (verified owner)

    Thank you FNBUNDLES100% legit

  96. MPW525 (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical at first… but this service is 100% legit! If you want a rare bundle skin… use this service! Be patient… it took about 6 hours, but they were very helpful, and the live chat and discord server was useful. If you are skeptical about this, don’t be, I was, and I was proven completely wrong and was pleasantly surprised.

  97. Rigel

    This is so cheap and I got the skin in less that 2 hours I’m so happy now ty

  98. Kawaii Hokage (verified owner)

    very much legit! i was sketched out at first but i was really happy that i did it! i also got it within the first 2 hours after purchasing, that was a plus ? will definitely come again

  99. Luis López

    This server is not great it’s so awesome this takes a few hours to be in your account thank you FNbundles I really love this skin

  100. teodor bogdan

    i got the skin and i recommand this site

  101. Tray (verified owner)

    Got it within 6 hours ! Was very unsure about it but it really works! Would rate it 10 out of 5!

  102. Dylan (verified owner)

    Just ordered great help on customer service and excited to get my skin

  103. Jacob

    Got my Ikonik skin in 6 hours from the time I bought it very reliable service will give you the skin no scams here thanks guys.

  104. Op (verified owner)

    legit ordered and got skin within less than 12 hours of purchase. i was unsure about giving my login credentials to this site but it was all worth it. Would rate 100 out of 5 stars if i could!

  105. Logan (verified owner)

    THESE GUYS ARE LEGIT I WAS SO SCARED TO TRUST THEM WITH MY 3000$ account but their legit

  106. manmohit05

    i thought it was a scam but it arrived in 2 hours

  107. Jack

    I really thought this was a scam i have a stacked acc but they didnt steal it and no i’m not a bot if you don’t believe me i’ll show you add me TBS_Command

  108. David

    They are super legit just bought The ikonik skin I have a very good account if you don’t belive me add me at NismoGT1979

  109. Noah (verified owner)

    Very legit thought it was a scam but they came thru!!

  110. DKKE (verified owner)

    OMFG thank you so much guys!! ❤ I bought the ikonik bundle and received in under 12 hours of purchase. I recommend these guys to anyone who wants fast and exclusive skins. VERY HAPPY WITH PURCHASE! thanks again

  111. Iconic (verified owner)

    It took 6hrs great site

  112. Khali

    Got my ikonic in 12 hrs it’s 100% legit

  113. Behe

    This is 100% real not fake

  114. Carlton (verified owner)

    100% legit thanks

  115. Haydz (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing service, got my ikonik skin within 12 hours so I’ll definitely be buying more skins in the future. 100% legit!!!

  116. Squil (verified owner)

    AWESOMEEE Got it delivered in like 30min to an hour and it’s amazing!!!

  117. FlamingWaffle (verified owner)


  118. pandashleygirl (verified owner)

    not a fake review but follow me on twitter @pandashleygirl ? got 2 ikonik skins one for me and one for my brother! great service 10/10

  119. Fatex

    If you’re reading this, this website is 100% legit, like no joke. It literally took around 5 minutes to get on my account. !!! Lets goo !!!

  120. Dylan

    I have an og account with recon on it i was scared but it worked

  121. Eric Collins (verified owner)

    This worked 100% I’m so satisfied with this group! If more skins come available I will definitely buy!! Thank you so much! I got my skin within 20 hours!!

  122. Spxce

    Worked 100% took 15 hours and am very happy with the product!

  123. @famouslex_4kt (verified owner)

    Its 100% legit took like 14 hours to get on my acc

  124. DanySD

    WORKED!! thought it was a scam but when it got on my account i was SO HAPPY! Took Around 4 hours to get on my account will buy honor guard SOON!

  125. Ahmad Taylor (verified owner)

    All you gotta do is buy it take a nap wake up boom

  126. shammo paul (verified owner)

    it took me 10h to get ikonik. great service

  127. John

    Its %100 Legit.Im don’t bot BTW. :DDD

  128. Anthony Fileccia (verified owner)

    This is so legit I got my ikonik in 1 hour add me xdch1ckennugget psn and I will show you!!!!

  129. Tranelbro (verified owner)

    Very nice customer service I just bought the skin and now waiting to receive I really love how they set this up I feel comfortable with them handling my account

  130. Bebucksarethebomb

    this is the best wevsit that I have ever used]

  131. Josh

    Works 100%!!!

  132. Matt (verified owner)

    Legit I thought they were trying to scam when someone logged me out and was in the lobby with someone else for like 30 min but it came out as a success thank u

  133. alexander44


  134. B L K X I X (verified owner)

    Top website got my skin within a few hours

  135. Quinn

    It’s 100% real

  136. Herpaderp (verified owner)

    I was scared at first but it is legit and I was pleased I got it within 12 hours

  137. leo (verified owner)

    thanks you so much i was scared if it was a scam because i have og skins but i receive in 12 hours , it s 100% real

  138. Jake

    It was amazing orders two skins it came overnight love it

  139. Walaad (verified owner)

    Great 10 out of 10

  140. Daniel (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical at first about giving my info. It did take about 12-24 hours to receive I believe just for the payment to go thru but I did receive the iknoik skin, so I am satisfied. Will definitely buy again from here. Its 100% legit

  141. Torin Donnelly (verified owner)

    100% real highly recommended. Got within 24 hours

  142. Snoop

    8 hours later… 100% legit.
    Do not hesitate to order.
    Thank you. My son is happy.

  143. Ente lenny (verified owner)

    Very nice support and delivery 100% legit

  144. rez_bruV (verified owner)

    bro this site is honestly legit.. Ive waited 28hrs for the process and i logged in ta see if its there and it Was.. Faaaar it Was the Longest 28hrs of my Life but it Was damn Worth it… straight up lol… It may sound sketch but iWas Like faaaar f it ahahahlol thanks ta Who ever process my bundle ta epic games and thank you for not being a scam… Much Love ta yous…

  145. Matthew (verified owner)

    got mine within 12 hours
    10 out of 10

  146. Jacob Clements (verified owner)

    I’m so happy, thought it was a scam until about 13 hours later when it was on my account would recommend to anyone great service.

  147. Carlos (verified owner)

    So awesome, extremely fast lest then 12 hours, son is super excited, 1 million percent real guys dont hesitate.

  148. Jay (verified owner)

    It worked i was scared at first but got it in within 12 hours 10 out of 10 recommended

  149. I bought Ikonik no lie (verified owner)

    its real bro I am not a bot I have I ikonik and its real you will be nervous but dont be because is is real

  150. Noah (verified owner)

    Omg it is legit it took me about 28 hours but it’s so worth it

  151. killua

    legit af that dance bout clean as shit

  152. Jimmy F. (verified owner)

    Marvelous, absolutely splendid. This is not a scam. I recieved my skin after about 24 plus hours of waiting. 10/10 I reccomend this product, and no I’m not a bot.

  153. Flezi (verified owner)

    It took around 28 hours to arrive finally!!! Very excited about this website. Dont be scared about scam. If u want to verify that i got the skin just friend me my epic games username is : iwinl

  154. Billy (verified owner)

    Second time buying and 100% legit. My daughter was happy. Thank you.

  155. Brett

    Absolutely fantastic! Took about 13 hours but wow! No more second guessing you guys

  156. David (verified owner)

    First time purchasing and I am 100% satisfied with my purchase, totally worth it

  157. Sean (verified owner)

    This is legit I got my ikonik/senerio in 11houres.I was so happy once I saw it.

  158. Gilad (verified owner)

    It took 11 hours and they didn’t touched my account except applying the skin and emote to my account. I am 100% satisfied and I am sure I will buy more bundles from this website.

  159. Harry (verified owner)

    Came through in like 14 hours, really good skin and emote for the price. 10/10 recommend.

  160. Yaboi

    This is legit bro i didn’t trust it at first but then i gave it a try.
    Got my ikonik in frickin 30 minutes

  161. Ryan

    thanks so much!!

  162. Blepu

    This is Definately legit and i got my ikonik with scenario in 3-5 hours I am so Happy 😀

  163. Piebody_ (verified owner)

    Thanks for the Ikonik had to wait a day but it was worth it.

  164. Musta (verified owner)

    Really good services Thank you 🙂

  165. Jake (verified owner)

    Worked! Very easy and fast.

  166. Emari Turner (verified owner)

    I just found this website today and when I saw I could get scenario and ikonik for 30 I was so happy. I just hope it works.

  167. jacob cousineau (verified owner)

    Yo its legit. If you dont believe me dm me on instagram jxcxb2 and i will send u proof of everything

  168. Levi (verified owner)

    I bought the ikonik just before went sleep, and now i get up and it’s in my locker 😀 I didn’t got email for order completed so i cannot determine how many hour was it, but i’m sure it was quite low, max 8hr. Best service 😀

  169. Kua

    Omg Thought It was a scam is actually 100% legit I got it in 6 hours

  170. Zach

    It’s 100% legit got my ikon I’m in 22 hours

  171. Eduardo (verified owner)

    Took a bit long and felt very sketchy but it works. 100% legit

  172. Jayden


  173. Jayden (verified owner)

    I wake up to my ikonik. Amazing! You guys are legit. Thank you so much

  174. Nick (verified owner)

    Omg thank you fnbundles this is awesome I know have the ikonik skin. I am definitely going to buy more

  175. darren (verified owner)

    came in 40 hours, good purchase!

  176. Lee (verified owner)

    Great service for good skins and it works no scam

  177. Zaay (verified owner)

    i ordered it and i can’t wait to get the skin, i’m really glad there is good sites like this one.

  178. Anthony (verified owner)

    Amazing service!!! I was iffy at first since I was gambling with my sons account and he spent alot of money on bucks. But since doing good in school I wanted to suprise him with his fav skin. They delivered it over night he woke up yelling excited !!!

  179. youtube_nate8905 (verified owner)

    recived in 22 hours it’s 100 legit I’m not a bot ?go to my YT for proof I got It

  180. JAMES ALLEN (verified owner)

    100% real got my ikonik today took about 24 hours super pumped thanks guys!!!

  181. Jide

    Took 13 hours for the ikon bundle to come through, thought i was getting scammed but it just took time, ill be bak soon to get nore skins, add me epic:ASilentJide

  182. Meerak

    Seen all the reviews and tried it out myself, Scenario emote well worth it man highly recommend fnbundles they’re 2 legit.

  183. DAVID


  184. Dimitri (verified owner)

    Yo wtf? I actually got the skin and dance! Thank you so much!

  185. Gotta Game (verified owner)

    took 24 helpfull and legit!!

  186. Dealta (verified owner)

    Class thanks for the hookup 100 percent legit

  187. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I was feeling a little worried about giving my account information away but I got my ikonik bundle in 30 hours. Thank-you so much, I would rate this 10 out of 10.

  188. Mohamed (verified owner)

    100% legit, got it in about 23-24 hours

  189. Dallas (verified owner)

    Got it in 4 days. Still legit tho

  190. trey (verified owner)

    just ordered mine ive been waiting around 15 hours but i still think they will get it on my account

  191. Waffle boi

    I’ve heard great reviews and I bought one it’s been 24 hours but i think that it will show up by tomorrow

  192. Josue (verified owner)

    This website is legit I just got my Ikonik skin I got in 21hours and it’s insane do deals with this guys

  193. Abdulla (verified owner)

    its been 44 hours and i still haven’t received my skin plus emote. did anyone have to wait over 40 hours???

  194. Alex Cruz (verified owner)

    I just got the ikonik I was getting nervous but omg I got fnbundles is soooo legit I love them

  195. alfie

    this is legit i recommend it

  196. Rigo (verified owner)

    Jus bought hopefully I get it soon and not scammed I’ve gotten scammed 3 times already

  197. Sam (verified owner)

    I can’t wait it’s been 24 hours but I still trust them.

  198. ExaTium (verified owner)

    Very legit. it takes 30 hours to arrive.

  199. Kolin Belliveau (verified owner)


  200. Khalil (verified owner)

    This is actually legit!! I recieved my ikonik skin in about 4-6 hrs

  201. DJ_6ixBoss (verified owner)

    I bought ikonik and received it in less than 12 hours I’m so happy Fnbundles 100% legit

  202. Kieran

    They sponsor bullet so i hope they are legit

  203. Cirill (verified owner)

    Thank. Done over night (GTM+3)

  204. Yonairo (verified owner)

    I just brought a ikonik I hope it works

  205. bonkle (verified owner)

    Came within only 1-2 hours, quick delivery and very pleased. 100% Trustworthy and will definitely come back again.

  206. Astro (verified owner)

    I’ve recently purchased this bundle but never received it, it’s been 28 hours. I’m scetched.

  207. Sam (verified owner)

    Thank you guys sooooo much!

  208. TelPlay (verified owner)

    OMG its works!!! dilivery time 35 hours

  209. Cop

    It’s was great

  210. raiden

    loved it

  211. raiden

    5 stars its so coool

  212. Cal

    Came in about 6 hours, very legit.

  213. Emily (verified owner)

    This is amazing! I got it in less than 12 hours and is completely legit! Highly recommend

  214. Ex (verified owner)

    Got it within 6 hours, could’ve been sooner but I was asleep when I received it. Everything went smooth, they didnt try to change passwords or emails, and no vbucks went missing haha. 10/10 for these guys

  215. Patrick (verified owner)

    Good hopefully comes soon

  216. Prizzess (verified owner)

    Its so legit, I bought the skin, go asleep woke up with the skin on my account thank you so much.

  217. Charlie Cain (verified owner)

    Oh my god, at first I found this website and though it was a scam. So I joined discord and saw that there was so much proof. So then I bough it and revived the ikonik bundle 9 hours later. The support in discord is amazing and is an absolute defo but from these guys at fnbundles as they are the most legit site out there! Please buy to get cheap fortnite bundles!

  218. Yonal Pathirana (verified owner)

    Amazing i got it in only 8 hours (very fast) and i will use website again at some point though i was scared of giving away my account details Thank you sooooo much for giving me my favorite skin in all of fortnite

  219. Laser (verified owner)

    Hopefully i get it just brought it

  220. Tytemp (verified owner)

    at first i thought this was a scam and was very paranoid but i ended up buying it and received it in the morning when i woke up i am very happy with 10/10 would recomend

  221. Hugo

    Es muy efectivo y no timan para nada, es tan sencillo como seguir los pasos y obtendras la skin sin ninguna pega

  222. Nick

    Bro. Mines taking forever. But Ik these guys are legit. And my friend got one. And I’m so thankful for this website. Thank you fnbundles

  223. Nikita (verified owner)

    Get the ikonik skin for 1 hour.Best webstite ever.

  224. Nick

    The service was awesome. Shout out to kofigz. He’s a good help to the website

  225. Jacob Casas (verified owner)

    Very much worth waiting for it!!!

  226. William Nasr (verified owner)

    I got my ikonik in 24 hours. I was nervous but it’s 100% trusted. And I’m a gonna buy a second one too

  227. 一smsl

    Really good bought it and i love it

  228. Lucid Bluish11YT

    I bought the ikonik skin got off for about a hour and when I got on I had ikonik best shop ever will be buying wonder soon!??

  229. Alex (verified owner)

    I just bought the ikonik bundle around 12 hours ago and fnbundles sent an email suggesting that they recieved my order and is getting processed,plss work

  230. Chase

    Hopefully it doesn’t scam me but I’m gonna try

  231. Ninja

    Idk if this is real im concerned

  232. Alex (verified owner)

    Omg it came within a couple of minutes to hours!

  233. Marx

    nice delivery

  234. Ashton

    I haven’t got it yet it’s been abou 72hrs

  235. leo corral

    amazing took 6 hours

  236. Cee (verified owner)

    Still haven’t gotten my skin, purchased on Saturday. Got an email stating that I gave the wrong info, but sent a email with the right information. It’s Monday and I did this on Saturday at 7:AM. It’s Monday at 5PM when writing this

  237. Jacob

    I’m concerned because I haven’t gotten my skin and it has been 2 days

  238. Mike (verified owner)

    It’s been like 8 hours still waiting ?

  239. Sam

    Kofigz is a very great helper, he is very kind and chill, he is a good guy!

  240. Sam

    Just bought ikonik, been 24 hours(still haven’t gotten it), but I’m being patient, cause it says 1-48 hours, and my service has been very bad here, it takes about 2-3 minutes to get an answer for my questions.

  241. uwu (verified owner)

    Bruu I always wanted the skin and the dance I thought I will never get it im so glad I found this page it took about 3 hrs for me so legiiit

  242. conoid061gate (verified owner)

    Legit omg so cool

  243. Melker (verified owner)

    bought ikonik bundle in the evening, when I woke up I had it! I have a lot of og skins so I was kind of concerned but man did they deliver! The only website that isnt a scam is this one!

  244. Joey (verified owner)

    This is very legit one hundred percent recommend. It took me abt 36 hours

  245. Sam

    I got ikonik, took 24 hours to deliver, pretty litty

  246. Skylar131 (verified owner)

    Just purchased this right now, hopefully this isn’t a scam and if it works there will be much more purchases here in the future thanks if I do get the skin.

  247. Jorge Guzman (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but guys it does work! I usually panic when I don’t trust something but i will definitely buy again soon. It took about 7 to 8 hours, and my account was safe. I loved this.

  248. Benkő Balázs (verified owner)

    Just bought one. I hope that is not a scam :))

  249. SSN Dark (verified owner)

    I got my ikonic within 18 hours and it was legit thank you!

  250. Chris (verified owner)

    Thisis so legit I got my iconic skin And scenario emote in like 2 hours highly recommend

  251. Birch (verified owner)

    Hope I get it I bought one like 3 hours ago hope it’s not a scam

  252. John Craig (verified owner)

    I got my skin within 6 hours, Legit, will buy another one soon, cheers.

  253. Marcus Luttrell (verified owner)

    I received my bundle is about 17 hours. Let me be the first to say i know how sketchy it sounds. You have to give them your sign in information but these people are truly honest and nice. You see the other reviews and they just look fake but they aren’t. I HIGHLY recommend using these guys for your rare skins. I hope you take my review seriously because these guys deserve all the business they get. This is not fake. This is not scripted. This is an honest review from a truly satisfied customer.

  254. Jack (verified owner)

    It took 2 hours for my Ikonik to be put in my account 100% legit

  255. jajeckson lopez (verified owner)

    BEST SHOP EVER only took like 15 hours to get my ikonik the most well spend 30$ of my life will come back to buy more 100% legit

  256. Josh

    Took only 3 hours! 100% LEGIT!!!

  257. Poo face

    I got it 5 minutes after I bought it 100% recommended

  258. Quentin (verified owner)

    en 3 heure jai eu mon skin en plus javais un peut peur au debut car jai un tres gros compte avec lecumeuse renegate 10000000000000 pourcent LEGIT !!! i love you

  259. Zach


  260. Michael (verified owner)

    I was low key kinda scared to buy this because I have a decently stacked account with black night but this is legit please try this

  261. Tom (verified owner)

    literally bought it like 3 hours ago and it’s already on my account. so satisfied with this service.

  262. Deni (verified owner)

    I’ve seen ads for this site from Elegance’s YouTube channel and I thought it was fake but I just received the ikonik bundle and I couldn’t be more happier!! Thanks for being the best 1000% real cool website

  263. Jan

    I got it in 48 hours. I’m super satisfied with the friendly staff! Absolutely buying another skin from them

  264. PeixotoGamerHD (verified owner)

    This site is amazing and segure

  265. Desmond (verified owner)

    100% real, just hopped on fortnite and it was in my locker took 13 hours but im happy

  266. Jolsson (verified owner)

    Got Ikonik skin in less than 2 hours. Amazing service. Was skeptic in the beggining but seeing the reviews and the add ona big fortnite youtube channel it felt safe.

  267. ElectroFox22

    This is actually perfect they did it in 7 hrs it’s legit and I will definitely buy again soon

  268. simon (verified owner)

    Best I pay 30 dollars and i thought it was a scam but it’s 100% real

  269. Krissz

    I got the ikonik skin in 3 hours

  270. AgariBeast YT

    Purchased bundle September 4th at 11pm, got it once I got home from school at 3pm September 5th! If anyone is skeptical on getting this, then add me on Epic @ AgariBeast of add me on PlayStation @ AgariBeast. I will show you that I have Ikonik! Great service from FNBundles!

  271. [email protected] (verified owner)

    They are legit I have OG items and they are legit I was shocked when I got ikonik

  272. XaiKohh (verified owner)

    Got my skin within 24hours! Great customer service

  273. Blas

    I would pursache here again.

  274. Suos Sothearith (verified owner)

    Thank for the Skin i thought it’s was fake but it’s a real! Nice customer service i wll buy more skin ❤

  275. iFishy

    So good

  276. yung flexer

    um its good i guess 6 hours to get a skin

  277. Lucas (verified owner)

    I swear on my life this works it is 100% real i was so scared risking my account getting stolen but the service took like an hour! Thank you sooooo much!

  278. dogitox (verified owner)

    va ultra vien la mejor pagina para comprar una skin ikonik//the best page to buy an ikonik skin is going ultra

  279. Luca (verified owner)

    So, i bought ikonik skin and the delivery was super fast and i received my skin in 4 hours. I recommend 100 % buying on this page. And just if you are asking if i am a bot, no im not. Hope you will have a good day:) Bye

  280. Leandro (verified owner)

    I bought the ikonik skin recently and even though i mis typed my password twice, they almost instantly sent me an e-mail and keept in touch so i could get the skin as soon as possible!
    Great buy and great job!!!

  281. RCF_upx0

    Pretty nice, worked for me in an hour and a half. Got scared for a bit but believed it would work when my friend told me it did. Will be buying honor guard and wonder some time soon.

  282. imanol

    Really good services .
    110% legit 😉

  283. Luca (verified owner)

    Works 100% I am so happy and my skin arrived in ten minutes thank u so much

  284. Lori (verified owner)

    Got it in like 2 minutes. And really helpful and nice support. Gonna buy other Bundles in the future from this site.

  285. Pedro (verified owner)

    Got the skin in less than 1 hour and anyone doubting u can hmu on insta @p3dro.23. Dw guys, they legit

  286. Christian Madlik (verified owner)

    not a scam super fast delivery had it when I woke up!!

  287. CZ GRRz (verified owner)

    Bouggt it before I slept. Then got it as soon as I opened Fortnite. This site is 10000% legit!!! Must Try and Buy!!

  288. 219653

    I love this web I got my ikonik in 7 hours its the best ill bu another

  289. julian

    Customer service is awsome defenetly buying it so ima trust these ratings

  290. Fateh (verified owner)

    100% legit, I saw videos about FNbundles and thought it was fake, so I went to go check for myself and got my ikonik skin less than 5 hours. Can’t wait to buy more skins.

  291. Leo G

    To everyone who is thinking whether or not this is a scam, it is not. For 2 days straight I kept thinking about if I should trust it because I have a lot of skins but I just said fuck it lol and then I logged on 2 hours later and I have it now. This is amazing 100% legit so freaking happy

  292. Leo

    To anyone worried about this being a scam it 100% is not I ordered the Ikonik skin today and 2 hours later I logged in and I had it I’m so freaking pumped. Thank you so much and I have nothing but respect for you 👍🏻

  293. Dollface

    I thought this was a scam but it definitely isn’t , got it around 3 hours. I’m not a bot . My ig @ is @xprettybrattt

  294. eddy (verified owner)

    just got my skin now was worried about fake website and giving my information to them thanks a lot less then an hour and the skin is in my locker now

  295. AgariBeast YT

    Got my IKONIK bundle about 15 days ago. Turn out the promotion is ending September 25th, three days from my review.
    Get the IKONIK before its gone!

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